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COMBO 2PCS Pikachu Mugs

COMBO 2PCS Pikachu Mugs

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Pika? Pika?

In your hectic life, whether it's at home or at work, you will often need to take a break and drink your beloved coffee or tea. So why don't choose this uniquely shaped Pikachu mug for your beverages?

Taking on the bright yellow signature colour of Pikachu, one of the key features of the mug is the Pikachu tail-shaped handle which makes the mug uniquely "Pikachu".

The illustration of Pikachu on the mug is also carefully placed such that the "tail" of Pikachu will extend out as the handle naturally.

Take a well-deserved break with the napping Pikachu today!


Size of Mug: 10 x 8cm, exlcuding the handle which measures 6.5cm in width.

Capacity of Mug: 370ml / 12.5 fl oz

Weight: 600g with packaging